Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Sweet weekend

This weekend was cool.
Friday night I watched "Ice Age II". It's a great movie. I especially liked the part.....(I'd better not tell you, wouldn't want to spoil it)
Saturday, I went to the park & slid down these enormous slides. ( I know it sounds silly, but we were sitting on Frisbees and you go like 50 Mph.) I now have two skinned elbows.
Later on Saturday, I changed the fuel filter on my car. It was to late to go to youth service, so I went to Psalm 66. This is a group of Christians who get together each Saturday @ 7:30 & worship. It's awesome. Here's their website: http://www.psalmsixtysix.com
After that I went our to eat at Steak & Shake.
Sunday was the time change. I got up at 10:45. Our church starts at 11:00. I was slightly late.
Sunday night service was awesome. If I remember I'll get a DVD of it.
Monday night we again went sliding. This time we had an improvement.
I bought a can of SPAM! Thus making you go twice as fast, & land twice as hard.
Well gotta go!!

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