Thursday, May 18, 2006

Playing Drums

Me Playing Drums

Watch the video

This is me playing drums. The sound on my camcorder is terrible, as are the acoustics in our basement. Oh, and the part at the end was real.

(Note to self: prop up camera well when playing drums loudly)


Jon Cox said...


The Blonde said...

that was soo cool!!!!!
I was going to ask you if you could play them for us
Oh, I realy liked the umm..

that "Oh well"
was a nice touch*

Nathan L. said...

to the blonde,
Thanks for the comment. Soon I plan to put up a video with me playing at church. You would hear me, but probably see the singers. That would definately have much better sound!

Virginia said...

Sweet! I've always wanted to play drums.

troy-vernon said...

Great clip, I especially like the camera falling over! really nice touch