Monday, June 05, 2006

As weeks go......

This weak was great!!

Monday was Memorial Day, so no work.
First I slept in till 11:00.
Next I ate a large breakfast.
Then I went up into The Valley. You might say, why call a certain valley "The Valley". First of all it's humoungous, second it's only couple miles from our house, and third it's amazing. It sometimes makes it hard for me to relate to preachers which use valleys in messages as gloomy, depressing places in life. The Valley is a beautiful, green, amazing place with tall trees, luscious grass, clear streams, and long grape vines which are great fun to swing on. It's hard to climb up to The Valley, but once you're there, you never regret it.
Then I went with Josh to help at the church.
After that we road four-wheelers. It was a blast! I haven't rode one in forever, and they have sweet trails there.

Tuesday-Thursday - work

After work I went with some people at our church to my friend Caleb's church. It was a couple hours away so it was rather tiring. We had a great church service, and ate at IHOP afterwards.

I went with a couple friends to watch a movie. Then we went back to my house to play vollyball. It was fun but I had to cut it short in order to practice for Psalm Sixty-Six

Eat, Church, Eat, Church, Work, Eat, Sleep (short version)

Well, I've gotta go!!!

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