Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Cars hate me!

I recently posted a picture of my car, after having ran into a guardrail. Then just last week I was riding with my brother Elijah when a semi-truck ran us off the road and smashed the right side of the car off! My other brother Josh says he should start driving himself to work, it would be safer. The only problem is, his car is messed up. My with life the way it is lately, you wonder what to do.

The one good thing that's going on this week is Youth Camp. I'm not getting to stay during the day, but the night services are amazing! God is really doing a work. My pastor's nephew brought his worship team down from Pennsylvania to lead worship on Tuesday. The have an awesome drummer. I plan to upload a video of him playing the drums for one of the songs. God has really blessed him with this talent. Tuesday morning he came & tuned up the drums how he liked them. I played before he did & well, lets just say I wasn't used to playing that way. Anyways, this week has been great so far, & God is really moving.


homeschoolkid said...

Boy, you sure don't have very good luck with cars!! Looks like the Lord was looking out for you ( again!!)

Nathan L. said...

Yeah for real!