Thursday, June 22, 2006

Jesus is awesome!

Last night Jesus really showed up at campmeeting. I didn't get to be at the alter as much as I would have liked because I was playing the drums, but I still really felt God's presence.
This is my view from the drums. (my flash reflected too much on the drum shield)

This is me with my cousin Sarah after the service. Her, my other cousin Hannah, & my aunt Susan
came down from Indiana for Campmeeting.


This is our food servers. The had to wear bonnets & will probably kill me if they find out that this picture made it to my blog. (oh well, the things one must go through)

This is a picture of my pastor Anthony Wynn with our bass player Paul. You can visit my pastor's website Here


The Blonde said...

boy, next time some one asks me to serve it will be a definate NO

homeschoolkid said...

I have a real respect for food servers. Maybe 'cause I'm a waitress!

homeschoolkid said...

To Blondie-

Serving food was really that bad? Lol.