Friday, June 02, 2006

New Car Dent

This would be my car as of today. Yesterday I was driving to work when I dozed off. Not a good idea! I went off the highway, woke up, swerved back onto the highway, hit the guardrail and regained control. Thank God for protecting me! I have learned a lesson: when driving 1 hr to work early in the morning get more sleep. I'm thankful it wasn't worse.


homeschoolkid said...

Wow. Glad your accident wasn't worse. Isn't it great that God is always there to protect us?

The Glittery Blueberry said...

My gosh! Thank god you weren't hurt more. Car accidents are so traumatizing.

Nathan L. said...

Yeah, if He wasn't, I'd sure be in a lot of trouble. He's awesome!

Anonymous said...

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