Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Deer & Flat Tires

Saturday was great! In the morning I got up early and went to a car auction. All the cars went for way to much, but that was OK because I need to save money for college anyways. My current car works alright, but has a big dent in it. (thanks to me falling asleep)
Later on I ate at a new BBQ place called EZ-BBQ. OK so the name is lame & the place is tiny (we were the only customers) but they have good BBQ. (although my brother Josh disagrees)
Next we watched a new movie called Monster House. OK get this: Picture someone making a movie about a haunted house. Pretty normal right? Now make it an animated cartoon. I figured it would be really stupid, but it was actually great. (although it definately wasn't scary)
Monday after work I practiced with a local worship group called Psalm Sixty Six. Right after I left there my tire went flat. I pulled over & realized I had a 1" long slit in it. The way I figure either I ran over something right after leaving ps66 or someone slit it. Oh well, such is life.
First I checked my spare. It was flat. Then I pull out my handy mini air compressor & try to air it up. No luck. My spare tire seal was broke. Next I pull out....... Fix-a-Flat. OK I'm smiling now. No more problems. Fill it up and get on with life. After shaking for 30 seconds I attach it and push the button. After a couple seconds........BOOM! The top of the Fix-a-Flat blows up. Just great! Here I am with a spare tire, an air compressor, Fix-A-Flat (going all over the place) and my tire still flat as a pancake. Some days are meant to be tough. Finally I use the small air compressor to get enought air in the tire to get it to Walmart. The tire part is closed. Josh finally gets to Walmart and picks me up.
Then on the way back a deer runs in front of the car & we have to brake hard to miss it.

Morals of the story:
1. make sure your spare tire isn't flat
2. don't count on Fix-A-Flat
3. hmm......do I really have to have a third moral?


homeschoolkid said...

Cars really do hate you!! Lol. Bummer!

Jon Cox said...

O WOW, what a story & experience! Good thing Josh came along! Thats good to know Monster House is actually really good! (*previews make it look lame*)
GREAT POST!!!! :o)

Nathan L. said...

Yeah, I guess cars do hate me!