Monday, July 17, 2006

Pirates & Green Thumbs

This weekend was good. On Thursday I went & watched Pirates of the Caribbean 2. It was a pretty good movie with plenty of interesting monsters, fights, & PIRATES (duh) . What I didn't like was the ending. The end of every movie should have something beginning, something ending, and maybe something continuing. This movie was like building up suspense, then not finishing what you started. (just my opinion, it seems some people disagree.)
Now, on to the green thumb. Saturday Mom realizing she had lots of extra cucumbers decided to make pickles. Me being the nearest person, she had me cut them up into spears. It was fairly easy work, but a couple minutes after I finished, My thumb & fingers started getting hard. Then green. Then crackly. It was very disturbing. One of my brothers even mentioned that I might be turning into Hulk, but I assured him that while I might sometimes have the urge to beat him up, only my thumb & fingers were turning green. (then I proceeded to beat him up) just kidding!


Jon Cox said...

Hahaha! Cool pickle story! :o) I havent seen the new Pirates movie yet but I've head a lot about & read about it a lot lately. Thank you so much for your comment & for visiting my blog, I appreciate it A LOT! I have tried E~bay but because of computer security I can't create an account. :o/ I found an art site last night, so I posted & priced about 25 of my pieces on there. I'm taking the 14 day free trial so if it works out I'll keep that up & see what happens. Thank you again! Come back ANY time! :oD

homeschoolkid said...
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homeschoolkid said...

My friend an me got to see Pirates 2 in the very front row, way in the corner. I had a killer sore neck by the end. I was really ticked with the ending too. Why can't the people who die in the first one stay dead? And why did Elizabeth have to flirt with Jack and kiss him right in front of Will? I almost cried when I saw his face! Lol