Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Back From Indiana

Thursday Evening my sisters Esther & Leah went with me to visit my cousins in Indiana.
I had a lot of fun. This is me with my cousins.
from left to right: Sarah, Me, Mercy, & Hannah.

After church we took this picture. The guy in the middle is a really nice guy who we now have claimed as our "grandpa".

Us with the pastor. (a really nice guy who can really preach well)

This would be my cousin Hannah right after blowing a humungous bubble.

These are the medium ice-cream cones at a local Dairy Barn. (I haven't yet saw the large)

My cousin Hannah playing the piano.

We were at this thrift store & they just had to try on these crazy glasses.

On Saturday we went shopping. Personally I don't really mind shopping, but 6 hours of it has me about dead.

(not to mention broke)

All in all I had a great time, spent too much money, & even got to help lay some brickwork.

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