Monday, May 28, 2007

Pictures of my Newest Nephew

Here are a couple pictures of my newest nephew Samuel Ezekiel.
I've actually had them for a few days, but keep forgetting to post them. (typical me)

Benjamin and Samuel


Soon I plan to start working on my brother's website. Right now it's been partially done (by someone else), and has some major design issues. I took a class in website design last semester, and so it shouldn't be too hard for me to do.

I recently found a Google product called Reader. It has become a valuable tool for me. With it, you can read all the newest posts on all your favorite blogs (and other websites) without having to go to each blog. It does a great job of organizing them, and even archives them if you want to look at them later.

I have been using it in a combination with iGoogle, another great site which allows you to have your email, news, blog posts, and my favorite: Daily Garfield Cartoons all in one window.

Also I found a cool website with free daily software giveaways: Giveaway of the Day.
There you can find computer programs that usually cost money, but are free for one day.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Done With School!

This is how I felt the last week of this semester.
Rather green, cross eyed, and tired. But I endured it.

Right now I'm working full time for my brother Isaac at Best Buy Metals in Cleveland, selling metal roofing and such. I'm enjoying it, and it will help pay for college come fall. Dad of course is not so happy about it. He feels I have abandoned him forever. Oh well, such is life.

We just moved all the instruments to the left side of the church, so I had to crawl under the stage to move some wires. Talk about dusty! You wonder if anyone ever thought of cleaning under there. I guess they weren't thinking of me. Ah, the joys of being a drummer!