Monday, May 28, 2007

Pictures of my Newest Nephew

Here are a couple pictures of my newest nephew Samuel Ezekiel.
I've actually had them for a few days, but keep forgetting to post them. (typical me)

Benjamin and Samuel


Soon I plan to start working on my brother's website. Right now it's been partially done (by someone else), and has some major design issues. I took a class in website design last semester, and so it shouldn't be too hard for me to do.

I recently found a Google product called Reader. It has become a valuable tool for me. With it, you can read all the newest posts on all your favorite blogs (and other websites) without having to go to each blog. It does a great job of organizing them, and even archives them if you want to look at them later.

I have been using it in a combination with iGoogle, another great site which allows you to have your email, news, blog posts, and my favorite: Daily Garfield Cartoons all in one window.

Also I found a cool website with free daily software giveaways: Giveaway of the Day.
There you can find computer programs that usually cost money, but are free for one day.


Jes said...

Okay, so I checked and my blog is public, and Esther posted a comment, so it is there. Maybe you are jut not special enough? :) J/k.

Jes said...

Thank i might need help since I am like blogger- defenciate, or however you spell that, lol.

Nathan L. said...

I have now found your blog!!!!

I think you mean deficient
(I love spel chekr)

Kristin said...

hey guys k i got one but this is so stupid wait no im sorry dumb