Friday, June 29, 2007

An Enormous Change aka Dr. Pepper vs. Coke

Ask anyone. I hated Coke.

With a vengence. I put it down, insulted it, and teased those who drank it. It was my enemy. I would far rather drink (sewer) water than drink it.

And I loved Dr. Pepper.

My favorite drink, a delicious break from life.
My friend. For a while it was all I drank.

Then, one day i was at work. The water was gone, and the machine was out of my friend Dr. Pepper. In fact, the only thing left was Coke. I felt terrible. My friend had abandoned me, and left me sitting in front of my enemy. I was thirsting to death. There was but one choice:
I got a Coke.
I took a sip.
Then I realized this enemy I'd had for so long wasn't so bad at all. In fact, it was great!
So I made a new friend. Dr. Pepper I still like, but Coke isn't bad at all.

Explanation for those of you who didn't get it:
1. I have hated Coke all my life
2. Now I like Coke
(my that was easier to say)

Friday, June 08, 2007

10 Reasons I love Blogger

Here are the top 10 reasons I love Blogger.

1. It's FREE!!!!!!

2. I can easily check out all new posts from all my friends using Google Reader.

3. There are less shady and possibly dangerous characters hanging around blogs as there are on MySpace.

4. MySpace is so over-rated.

5. You can customize almost every aspect of it easily & switch between templates.

6. I'm using Blogger!!!!!!! (enough reason for anyone to switch)

7. All cool people use Blogger. (are you cool?)

8. You know you want one.

9. Because it's a Google product, you can know they will treat your information confidentially.

10. You can be as anonymous as you like. (just give out fake information, or none at all)

OK, so most of those were rediculous reasons to use Blogger. But I did convince you. Right??

Thursday, June 07, 2007


Here is a slideshow. The pictures are very old, but I'm mainly posting to make sure I can do it right in the future.