Friday, July 06, 2007


Ok, so this is a very late post, considering the 4th was 2 days ago, but oh well.

We went to the Regional Park in Athens this year. It was great. We saw a lot of people there we know, including neighbors and folks from church.

The grand finalle was over, then they had a much better 2nd finalle. It was awesome. Afterwards some of us talked a while, then played Ultimate Frisbee

Talk about a great game.

After an hour or so, they started shooting off more fireworks. It was insane! The fireworks were supposed to be done. The only thing I can figure is that they found some fireworks they had previously lost. Either way it was sweet.

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Jes said...

"Dr. Pepper is evil"

*GASP* How are you say that about Dr.Pepper?! That is crazy talk!

"The picture of you and Haley texting in a car is just as scary"

How on earth me drowning is as scary as Haley and I texting in the same car I don't understand, but okay.

"Guy stabbing with knife is scary"

Nahhhhhh durrrrrr.

"...(who's Sarah)..."

A girl who used to tormment me.(longgg 6-year story, but we have NEVER got along, and when it seemed we did it was all an act, and I think she meant something to David and that just ate me up all the more, anyway, it was NOT a good thing)

"Yeah, also the thing about me and Sarah...was very scary"

You have NO idea...

"Your pictures are cool. They let a person see part of what you're thinking. Your dreams are sometimes frightening though."

Why, thank you. Although, some of those things(most of those things)really did happen(as you know). My dreams drive me crazy, because soemtimes they are things that happened years ago. Last night I dreamed John was at the house eating breakfast, and it was WEIRD 0_o. Anyways