Monday, July 16, 2007

TLT - Tuna-fish Lettuce Tomato

Here is an original Nathaniel Libbey Gourmet Recipe: Tuna Lettuce Tomato sandwich
Complicated version:

(1) Can of tuna(12 oz)
(1) Handful Lettuce
(1) Small tomato
(1) Pinch of salt & pepper
(2) tablespoons of Mayonnaise
(2) slices of bread (preferably whole wheat)

First mix tuna and mayonnaise in a small bowl.

Next cut the tomato into slices

Then toast the bread to a medium-light brown

While it is toasting, shred some lettuce.

Mayonnaise, salt and pepper the toast.

Add lettuce, tuna fish, then add tomatoes
then spread mayonaise and salt and pepper on the tomato slices
Simple version:
make a BLT but substitute tuna fish instead of the bacon

This, my friends is an amazing creation
Try it before you say "Oooh"


Anonymous said...

Nasty! OhHHHHHHH! Gross. I said before I made it... GO FOR THE BACON!!!

Nathan L. said...

But its Awesome!