Thursday, August 09, 2007

Virginia Trip

I just got back from vacation in Virginia yesterday.
It was a blast, and we had some really great services. The good news is I took TONS of photos and videos. The bad news is it will take hours for me to sort through photos and edit videos. I am working on a DVD with a cool menu and all that. If you want one I can probably make you one. Just don't plan on it being within the next week!


Esther said...

I suppose I should be glad that I didn't get to go that way you won't be able to post unflattering videos of me.


Jes said...

Hah ha Esther's right. Your videos have a nack for being that way.

"Yeah I definately deserved the reproof. I was hungry, tired, and just slightly grouchy."

That wasn't any reason for me to be angry, besides you're always like that. (ha ha)

"Also you changed the name of your blog to Two Cats And A Piano? Cool."
Well, Esther said I spelt "Ramblings" wrong (I just spelt it the way it sounded), so I fixed it, but my cats are everything to me, and my piano would be too if I could play it good enough.