Monday, September 10, 2007

Forget Youtube!
Thanks to my sister Shalom, I recently found a great video site called GodTube. It's a place with christian shows, humor, and music videos. Good Stuff!


Jes said...

I have heard of this site.

(replying to your comment)

"Josh's car is an automatic"

And I am to knwo that how?

"(These I can help with. I already have these cds, so I'll make you copies)"

That would be amazing. I will bring you blank CDs.

"As for the other stuff, I Might be able to help WHEN YOUR BIRTHDAY COMES!!!"

People can celebrate my Birthday any time they want. I do not oppose it. One year I celebrated my Birthday in Feb. and March.

"Note #6 - You have to much candy"
You can never have too much can only eat too much candy. I need some more IceBreakers

see ya,

megan said...

hey nathan. you should check out as well (and tell shalom about it too :)