Thursday, November 06, 2008

Peacock on a Metal Roof

So our crew was installing a stone coated metal roof and this peacock flew up on the roof and started following our crew around. It was hilarious.
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Monday, November 03, 2008

Old Story

Here is a 5 year old story I wrote. I found it while cleaning my room. Amazing what gets lost sometimes.

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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Danielle's Birthday

Anytime its someone's birthday at work, we do something to them. Like dump water on them, carry them into a mud puddle, reversing the vacum and spraying it at them, or a combination of all three.

Well, we got a new employee, and she's a girl, so we can't do any of that stuff. But we can still pick on her a little. Check out this video:

I know I haven't posted oft

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Sweet Slideshow

This is an enourmous slideshow consisting of pictures Esther took.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Who is it? - (Or, I don't recognize my own dad)

Yeah its my dad. No, I didn't recognize him either.

What he used to look like.

Dad with Josh, Tim and I on Sunday.


Such an interesting story.
After I shaved my head, we were all talking. Someone was like, "Dad, you ought to shave your beard. We've never seen you without it." (he hasn't shaved for 25 years). And then someone else was like "I'd give $50 to see that." And someone else said "I'd give $20." Dad was like "No way, I might do it for $500. Later he changed it: "$1000, and I'll give it to the church." Later he added "It has to be above regular tithes and offerings, otherwise it'd be cheating". So somehow it got around to our pastor Anthony Wynn. So, Sunday morning he anounced it in church. Sunday night Dad came in a little late without a beard. He sat in the back. Most people didn't recognize him. He looks that different. I was upstairs finishing up the live video stream when someone told me about it. I saw him first from the back. He looked normal. Then I saw him from the side and front. I was in complete shock, eyes bulging, mouth open, breathing heavily. This wasn't Dad. Yet I knew it was. After the service Brother Anthony got the kids to say what they had thought. Seth said, "Now I know why he shaved his beard. Or rather, why he had one." Leah said she didn't believe it was him, even after someone pointed him out. I simply said, "It'll grow." Yeah it's a shock.

Bald at Last

Yeah I did it. Most people didn't believe that I would, but I did. The funniest thing was seeing the look on peoples faces. It was priceless. I got some compliments and some "not so compliments". Mom said she couldn't stand the sight of me. So I promised not to keep it shaved.

Before and after shots. The one with me in glasses is the scariest one.

I've gained a new temporary nickname "Cueball".

Here's Isaac's Reaction