Thursday, October 16, 2008

Danielle's Birthday

Anytime its someone's birthday at work, we do something to them. Like dump water on them, carry them into a mud puddle, reversing the vacum and spraying it at them, or a combination of all three.

Well, we got a new employee, and she's a girl, so we can't do any of that stuff. But we can still pick on her a little. Check out this video:

I know I haven't posted oft


Amy Lizzy said...

Great video! It makes me miss the good ole' Athens days! I see you and brother have not changed - still pulling pranks and having fun. ;-)

Roxy said...

Wow. That poor woman!

Nathan L. said...

Amy: Good to see you (or see your message rather). Its been forever. Yeah, I think Libbey's tease and play pranks on people their entire lives.

Roxy: Yeah. But at least she got the rest of the day off!