Thursday, July 09, 2009

Nathaniel Libbey's Last Will & Testament

Okay, I don't plan to die anytime soon, but just in case, here is my will and testament.

First of all, this might not be a legal will, as they are somewhat more technical, but I'd hope that those in charge at least attempt to honor a lot of it.

I. The part right after I die.

1. Funeral Service

Make it a joyful one. I've gone to a better place. Have the preacher preach Heaven sweet and Hell hot. Do not take videos of it whatever else you do. Play Shaun Groves - Last Notes sometime during the service. Also maybe some Sanctus Real worship music.

2. My Casket
Something simple is fine.

3. My TombstoneAgain something inexpensive. Put a good Bible verse on it. This might be a good place to look for a tombstone

II. What to Do With My Stuff

1. Drum Stuff
Give them to Seth

2. Car(s)

I dunno. If someone in the family needs a car give it to them. If not then sell it or give it to someone else that needs a car. If you need more money to pay for my funeral, you might use it for that purpose.

3. Snowboard, Computer, Clothes, Shoes, GPS, Any Other Items I Own.

Again, I dunno. Do what you think is best. Give to anyone in the family that needs (or wants) it. Or sell it. Or give it to someone else that needs it.

4. My Money (I don't need it anymore :)
a. First pay for my funeral arrangements.
b. If anyone in the family is in particular need, it goes to them. (If multiple people are in need, split it up).
c. If someone else close to the family is in need, give some to them.
d. After that, give the rest to the current church I'm attending.

III. Executors (person or people in charge of everything)

1. If I'm still single, this would be Dad and Mom

2. If by now, I've been blessed with a wife, it would be her. In this case, she gets everything, and all the above said stuff about who gets what is invalidated. Of course if/when I get married I will hopefully have thought enough to have made a real will, but that's probably far enough in the future that I don't have to worry about it.

IV. Stuff I Want to Tell People

Mom - Thank you a million times for teaching me about God. I love you a lot.

Dad - Sorry for the times I haven't been the best son to you. I love you.

My brothers and sisters (Josiah, Anna, Isaac, Shalom, Elijah, Josh, Esther, Tim, Leah, Seth, and Glory) - I love you all. Sorry for the times I've been a pain, disappointed you, or been downright mean.

My friends at church - Thank you for your friendship. Thank you for being an encouragement in my life.

My adopted sister (April) - (see the message for my other siblings above).

My cousin Hannah (who's more like a sister) - (see the message for my other siblings above).

Everybody - Love, Trust, Serve and Obey God. He'll never let you down.

V. That's All!

See you all in Heaven!
Again, this is not a legal will as its missing my personal information and it wasn't signed in front of two witnesses, but besides that it should work fine.