Tuesday, August 25, 2009

4810 Treemont Circle NE, Cleveland - Videos

Photos of the House:

Main Video - Upstairs

Second Video - Basement & Introduction to Mike Bryant

Third and Final Video - Seth's Opinion on the House + the Neighborhood of the House

Overall opinions:

  1. Fairly nice neighborhood (I heard no angry screaming people)
  2. Fairly nice inside
  3. Large basement
  4. Nice back deck with a nice wooded view
  1. Slight smell (which I believe could easily be remedied with some type of air fragrance or something
  2. Train nearby (this you would have to get used to. I heard the train at least twice while we were there
  3. Upstairs is fairly small

Overall it was pretty nice, although you could tell it needed a little work. As mentioned in the video they are adding wood around the kitchen lower walls this week, so that would improve it somewhat.

1 comment:

Jes said...

Word of advice: stick to selling metal roofing.

You should drive by the neighborhood at night, just in case.

Love how Seth is totally into it. (Not.)