Monday, September 14, 2009

We Got a New Beagle Puppy!!

Yeah he's awesome. And he's a beagle. He still has no name though. Any name ideas?

Me and Josh bought him at the Sweetwater Fleamarket on Saturday.

Beagle Puppy

I didn't realize that Beagles are Hounds

Me holding my awesome Beagle


*Hay said...

He's so cute!! I bet Seth likes him. You should name him sometihng simple. Like Buster or something. Yogi, Buddy... hey, you should totally name him Elvis. It's cool. Anyways... =)

Invisable_Ninja said...

What about Tobias?

Nathan L. said...

Hay: I want something original. Short sweet.

Ninja: No Tobias! Sorry!

SharriBeth said...

Here are some names that(from the how he looks) I think would fit him.

Bandit(I can't think of a nickname)
Dakota(I can't think of a nickname)
Lancer(Nickname Lance)
Cadet(Nickname Caddy)
Theory(nickname Theo thought it was cool...)
Taboo(nickname boo)