Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Who I Am

A long time ago, someone was preaching, and asked the question, "Who am I"?

It's kind of a complicated question with a million parts. Three word question, answer of which could be almost endless.

First there's the obvious: I am Nathaniel Libbey. But does a name explain who I am? Uh, nope..

In Looks: white (can't tan worth a flip, doesn't bother me), a tad short (which doesn't bother me in the least), neither thick nor thin (honestly I couldn't gain weight if I tried), light brown headed, brown eyed, size 10.5 feet.

In Personality: slightly too joking, sometimes too talkative, easily forgiving, occasionally moody, 99% trustworthy, 1% awful, overly protective, slightly shy (although often hidden), sometimes blunt, avoidful of confrontation, perfectionist in areas, slack in others, recovering from a lifetime of procrastination and disorganization (I've turned into a neat freak to avoid being a messy person).

In Things People Call Me: son, brother, uncle, friend, salesperson/marketer/webmaster/semi-manager/garbage person, Pentecostal/Apostolic/Christian/Buddhist(j/k).

In Things I Love: Jesus, people!, shoes (yeah I know), great websites, exciting sports (aka football), sweet cars, amazing drumsets, I Need a Savior, Firehouse Subs, Taco Bell, metal roofing (OK maybe love is too strong a word for it, but I enjoy the industry), Butterfingers, chocolate, MILK, chocolate milk, circus peanuts (although I still don't know why they are orange colored, banana flavored, marshmallow textured, and peanut shaped), A Walk to Remember, Google, snowboarding.

In Education: home schooled, Associates in Business at Cleveland State CC.

In Marital Status: secretly married (darn, did I give that away).

In Family: I have a large family, including 13 brothers and sisters, and a huge number of aunts uncles, brother-in-laws, sister-in-laws, nieces, and nephews. (I am the favorite uncle for 95% of my nieces and nephews) (or at least that is the plan).

In Associations: Church-Landmark Church, Church-Miracle Deliverance Tabernacle, Work-Best Buy Metals, Band-Relevant Noise aka PS66.

And yet after all that, I've probably not described 1% of who I am. And I reckon that's how God wanted it. After all, if you could really describe a person in just words, they would probably be a very simple person.

God is awesome. Imagine how boring life would be if we were like everyone else. In His infinite wisdom, He created us each incredibly unique.


Esther said...


You are thin. Not skinny, but thin.

Tell your wife I said hi.

Your band has a name now. How nice.

Esther said...

PS: I like this. Its been forever since you've posted actual words rather than just vids and pictures.

Nathan L. said...

Ha! You can't see my ribs, and I have fat rolls (small ones)

My wife says hi back :)

Yeah I've a little more time on my hands now, so you might see a little more of this.

(Well, not likely like this, but at least with more words.)

Esther said...

My people laughed heartily when I told them you think you have fat rolls.

Nathan L. said...

Who are "your people"?



Esther said...

Was just talking about my carpool people who were in the van with me when I received your comment via text: Jeff, Josh, Tim & Elijah.

Sharon said...

Y'all have way too much time on your hands! Hehe!

Nathan L. said...