Saturday, March 13, 2010

Forward Motion

In this life there is nothing wrong with looking back at the past, as long as it helps you keep moving forward, toward what God has for you.

As I look at my experiences in life, good and bad, I realize all the time Jesus is preparing me for what's ahead. So what's ahead?

... No clue, but since he planned it, if I follow it, everything will be fine. Not always easy but fine.


Esther said...

"Looking back at the future" eh?

Wish I had that looking at the future skill

Nathan L. said...

Oops.. My spelling was fine, but I said the entirely wrong thing.

It's fixed!!

Nathan L. said...

Check this out. I know how to pretend to be you.

Nathan L. said...

Or worse I could send this link to your profile page.

Just like yours.

Nathan L. said...

Ha! Not any more! :P