Monday, May 03, 2010

3 Months Later - AKA Moved Out

Just thinking. It's been 3 months since I moved out. Here are my random thoughts:
  • I've learned a lot.
  • It's not been as boring as I was worried.
  • I trust myself more
  • Still haven't eaten a microwave meal at home : )
  • Should've gotten a place with a washer & dryer hookup
  • Trains will never bother me at night again (hardly)
  • It's nice to drive only 8 minutes to work.
  • I don't save any on gas because I go all over creation, mostly to Athens
  • I am blessed a lot by both of my churches
  • Still have only met one neighbor
  • I always have to go into my parking spot twice to get it right because it's so narrow
  • Blueberries go with all foods
  • Milk still goes with all foods
  • Celery doesn't keep long enough for one person to eat it all
  • Ditto with chips

So that's my thoughts on that. Overall, a good learning experience. Balancing a lot more things, and learning to take care of more.


Esther said...

...Getting no sleep.

You should work on that one little brother.

Nathan L. said...

True that. Nah... Plenty of time for sleep when I'm dead!

Rick said...

YOU: Still only met just one neighbor...
Me: Gee thats more than most people...strange how people are so afraid to meet and talk to neighbors.