Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Path I Am On aka. The Light

I've made mistakes in this life. Things I should've done, said. Other things I shouldn't have.

Sometimes I haven't learned from my mistakes. Sometimes I've learned too late.

But I'm on a path. I'm not sure where it will lead. Sometimes it seems it's not going anywhere, sometimes it seems its a roller coaster. There is pain on this path. Sometimes I want to get off this path.

But I know better. I have a Light for my path, One that will guide me though this life, into something beautiful. Not always into what I have planned, but always into that which is best.

I don't always understand the plans this Light has for me. Sometimes the darkness tries to grab me, and pull me off this path. Sometimes the darkness tries to convince me that the area nearby the path looks good. Tells me I can get off this path for a bit, then get back on where I left off.

For years I often depended on my parents belief in this Light, knowing it as a friends Friend, but not as my own. I would seek the Light for a bit, but become distracted.

But all this time, the Light sought me. Even when I failed miserably, the Light called me back. I'm not sure exactly at what point, but the Light has become more real to me than ever before.

More like a Forgiver, less like a someone just wanting to condemn me to Hell.

More like a Friend, less like an untouchable entity.

More like Someone Who makes rules to protect me, less like a god who makes rules to tie me down.

My God, not another.

Lover of my heart, Lily of my valley, Savior of my soul, Friend, Guide.


Jesus Christ, the First and the Last. And everything in between.


Sorry if this sounds weird. It was my thoughts, and so that's that!


SharriBeth said...

Not weird ^_^ except that you said intouchable instead of untouchable. Lol.

Nathan L. said...


SharriBeth said...

Lol. ^_^