Wednesday, June 09, 2010

To Focus on God like Batting at Softball

I should have had a 1.000 batting softball Monday. That would mean I got on base everytime.

But... As I'm batting, and afterwards, I only focus on one thing - batting the ball far enough, and getting to 1st base.

And ... after I bat, I tend to sling my bat behind me, in the general direction of the catcher and/or umpire..... Which is dangerous, and can really make the umpire mad.

So after one warning, where I slung it behind me, the next time the umpire called it an out, even though I got to 1st base. It was my fault. What I did was dangerous.

Every time before I go up to bat, I think, "I've got to drop the bat. DON'T THROW IT!!!" But when I bat, that never even comes to mind.

I will somehow figure this out, but as I was thinking, I was like "Man if only I could get that kind of focus on God."

At church, to be so into Jesus that the stuff around is just background noise. When I pray, my mind is focused on God and doesn't wander off into what I plan to do tomorrow. When reading the Bible, that the Word becomes alive, and I don't think about some movie.

To focus on God like a laser beam.


Esther said...

I think you might be making the oposite of the point you meant to make.

I'm not sure.

Focus, yeah, that's great. I understand that you've been consumed with thinking about the need to drop the bat instead of throw it. To do the right thing.


When you come to actually living your life is it your preference to forget the thoughts that you've had stampeding through your mind, and instead do the wrong thing anyway?

I do still understand the point, and it's a great example, but maybe you should wait until you are able to add the ending of, "I've finaly got it right.I keep my focus and drop the bat."

Nathan L. said...

Huh. Not sure.

BTW, Monday, our last game, I made not killing the Catcher my goal for the game, and never once slung it behind me... Of course I also got out twice when I might have not if I slung the bat behind me.

I guess the main point was I want to keep God in focus. I guess my example was kinda bad in a way since if we keep God in focus it shouldn't threaten anyone's life :)