Friday, May 27, 2011


Just passed a man driving a pink Cadillac.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

People I Wish I Could Thank

  1. Guy Who Invented Dr. Pepper

  2. Guy Who Invented Google

  3. Guy Who Invented Toilet Paper

  4. Guy Who Invented Air Conditioning

  5. Guy Who Invented Netflix

  6. Guy Who Invented Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ Sauce

  7. Guy Who Invented Jerky

  8. Guy Who Invented Twizzlers

  9. Guy Who Invented Jolly Ranchers

  10. Guy Who Invented Wikipedia

(Note that some of these items may have actually been invented by gals not guys, in which case i would obviously thank the gal still)

End of the World

Wow it's amazing how many Christians actually believed this guy!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Live. Learn. Love

The moment you stop growing, you begin to die.
The moment you stop learning, your memory starts to cease.
The moment you stop loving, you begin to hate.

Live. Learn. Love.

Sniff. Sniff (Here On Earth)

I wrote this a while back, and never posted it...

I just watched "Here On Earth", and for the second time I remember, cried in a movie. Yeah. Probably shouldn't admit that. I'm a sucker for a certain type of romances I'm afraid. (Not gonna give away what type or it might ruin it.)

One part to skip through, but mostly just really good and clean (best I remember).

Anyhow, watch it!

Saturday, May 14, 2011


Many types - one that isn't my favorite:

Banana Cream... Edible - not tasty.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


I knew tornados came close to where I live, but didn't realize it was this close. (2 miles away on two sides)

Family Reunion Pictures

Everyone (find the bunny rabbit ears)

No Rabbit ears

First Cousins


Grandma and her kids

Analyzing the magician's trick (see below)

A friend of Grandma's is a magician, and he came by and did a show for her birthday.

Grandma's Doves

Grandma, Mom, and Aunt Susan

My second? cousins, Asia and Bailey

Asia and Bailey again

Me and Grandma

Scary haired man

Leah Old and curley headed

Leah before she oldened


Mockup of a couple signs I made for Grandma's bday (sorry no actual pictures)

Sunday, May 08, 2011

Moms. Are. Awesome.

I went to Grandma's for her 80th birthday over the last few days. (I'm planning to put up some videos and pictures of that at some point).

Mom's birthday was Tuesday, Grandma's was sometime this week, and of course Mother's Day is today, so it seems a good time to write a post on.


There are really two definitions of mother for me:
1. Mother: [muther] --- A female who has a kid
2. Mother: [muther] --- A mother who puts her child above herself; loving it, providing for it, comforting it, teaching it, correcting it, crying with it, fixing it's problems if at all possible, etc...

There are many mothers of the first definition, not nearly so many with the second. I'm blessed to have the most wonderful mother in the world. I know many people may think that, but I KNOW it.

Thank you to all you mothers of the second definition, and especially to my mom!!!