Thursday, July 28, 2011

Dug Down Deep - A Book You Should Read

First of all as a general warning, I do not believe everything exactly like Joshua Harris does. Particularly I don't believe in the Trinity.

But that aside, you NEED to read this book:

Dug Down Deep

It's a book that will make you think about what you believe and why.

It builds up a foundation under you, based not on "what my parents think", "what the preacher said", but what God said. It makes you search the scriptures for yourself, and think

Frankly it has had the effect on me of throwing out some "men's traditions", but mostly it has had the effect of increasing my faith in God, and what I believe about God.

It places a great emphasis on knowing God in a deep way, not because I fear Him, but because I love Him, and want to get to know him better.

Monday, July 18, 2011


I have decided to do something surprising and unexpected. Now if only I can decide what!

Saturday, July 02, 2011

When We Make Mistakes

It is easy to run away from them, disclaim them, and act like they didn't happen. Blame them on circumstances, disadvantages, and our own inabilities.
It is much more difficult to own up to them, apologize, and do whatever it takes to make it right. In these times, we must have the ability to put away our pride, look the mistake in the face, and say, "I'm sorry."
As they say, those are possibly the hardest words to utter, but often necessary. The sooner a person can learn to say them, the better off they will be.