Monday, July 23, 2012

When You Stop Learning...

you begin to die.

Live. Learn. Love.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

All Burned Up! aka Don't Buy That House at 1029 27th Street

Ok does this look like a nice house to you?
1029 27th St, Cleveland TN 37311 - House for Sale
Yep. It looks nice. And at a low price of $50,000 (half of it's last sale price) I figured I had a real bargain, The inside was a little rough, needing new carpet, and paint, but nothing real bad. The basement was awesome, fully furnished with a kitchen, jaccuzi, and everything.

I put in a bid, and got it! The only thing that saved me was the inspection. When I got the report I was sure glad I put that in the agreement. Check this out:

The house was in a major fire, the attic all burnt up, rafters crispy and charcoal. Wow! They only replaced the rafters right above the entrance to the attic. Coincidence? I doubt it. Even the decking the shingles were nailed to was crispy as burnt toast.

I don't understand how someone could legally sell this house, much less how a realtor could in good conscience sell it without mentioning this stuff.

In the kitchen, if you peeled back a bit of wallpaper, behind it was black as coal. (note to self: wallpaper could be indication of coverup).

So now I have some advice (for me and anyone thinking of buying a home):

  • Demand an inspection. In the contract.
  • Look in the attic
  • Watch out for wallpaper
  • Realtors aren't always looking out for your best interests
  • As they say, sometimes if if looks to good to be true, it probably is
Buy hey, at least I'm only out of a couple hundred for an inspection, instead of $50,000 for a burnt piece of toast.