Saturday, February 21, 2015

Arms Of Hope - Orphanage / Ministry

 Arms Of Hope - Orphanage in Mirebalais Haiti
If you love kids and want to help, consider supporting Arms Of Hope - An orphanage and children's ministry in Mirebalais Haiti. Of the websites I've been a part of, this is definitely one of the ones I'm most proud of, mostly because I know what an awesome work they are doing.

Arms Of Hope is working on a new orphanage and can use all the help you can provide.

My brother Isaac is a huge part in this, donating not only financial support, but also spending countless hours helping make sure these kids grown up in a safe, healthy, happy, Christ-centered environment.

I was able to visit the orphanage last year, and completely fell in love with these adorable orphans and abandoned Haitian kids. It's great to know that people really do care, and a difference really is being made.

Their nutrition program is also impressive, literally helping prevent kids from starving by providing supplemental nutrition to children who's parents can't provide enough food for health.

I hiked up to one remote village to help deliver nutritional supplements, and was glad to see these kids getting help they needed.

If you ever want to help with something where the money is actually helping, Arms Of Hope is exactly such a ministry.


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wow, this is so amazing! God must be so proud of you!

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